Publishers / Affiliates

One of the hardest jobs in the industry is being a publisher. Why? Because you are being pressed on all sides. You have greedy advertisers that are doing their best to squeeze the CPA to make sure they make the most profit. You have networks that just want to milk you for as much margin as possible and that really don't care about the advertiser, they just want to be sure they get paid. You have traffic sources that are constantly changing the rules of the game and raising bid prices on you. Then you have other publishers that are in the same market, on the same traffic source, running the same offer, and they’re fighting you tooth and nail for your spot. It’s a constant battle to feed your family.

I’m not saying that we can remove the competition, but I am saying that there are ways that you can make the competition irrelevant. To sit on the same traffic source, running the exact same offer as someone else, which is using your landing page, is absolutely crazy. It is differentiate or die. Here at Clicks Addiction we have all been affiliates and have all driven and still drive tons of traffic so we can understand the challenges faced by a publisher. You have a lot of companies to choose from and sometimes the number of networks causes paralysis from analysis. You have to go with your gut. Follow who does what they say and comes through on their promises.

Our goal is to help you maximize your potential. There are a lot of things in this industry, but if nothing else, remember everything is built on relationships. When you find good people to work with stick with them and grow with them. If you are reading this either you are already working with us, or you are considering working with us. Whatever you decide we wish you continued success in your current and future ventures.




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