Data Leads


Whether purchasing a simple mailing list or a more complex database with targeted segments, it is essential that you get the best "bang for your buck." We have been around for years, and while in the past, he who had the biggest database was the best. Now owning the highest quality database makes you king. Everyone has a different outlook on what a quality list is; but the bottom line is profit margin. In order to maximize return on your investment, it's necessary to find the data sources that work best in your marketing model. Utilizing data from ClicksAddiction within your own list allows you to expand your marketing platform to new heights, instead of breaking your bank.


Expand Your Reach

We maintain over 270 million opt-in email addresses worldwide, so that your email campaigns get the broadest exposure possible.

Target Qualified Prospects

With over 300 targeting selects, our email lists will enable you to pinpoint your target market and ensure your emails reach the most qualified prospects.

Increase Your Sales

The superior freshness and accuracy of our email database is sure to increase your sales opportunities and maximize your return-on-investment.

As a company with industry leading Email Database, we can:

• Opt-In Email Lists.
• Database Updated Continuously.
• Leads in almost every vertical..
• Thousands of Consumer & Business Targeting Selects.
• Recommend data management platforms.
• Email List Hygiene Services.
• 100% Guarantee Never gamble on your marketing again!.