Join the Movement!

Leading the new phase in Internet Marketing, Clicks Addiction has been providing proprietary industry technology and never adhering to the industry "mold" most CPA networks form, Clicks Addiction takes an innovative approach to affiliate marketing and consistently surpasses industry standards - taking their CPA affiliate network to the next level.

It is a known fact that as a publisher, you have many choices as to which affiliate network you want to work with. At Clicks Addiction, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure that every drop of traffic you generate to our offers is accounted for and properly monetized. We have the top direct and exclusive offers to choose from in just about every market available. Our support staff and Affiliate Managers are always available and they will stop at nothing to ensure your success. You can expect to notice positive differences in how we conduct our business versus our competition. That is our promise!

We know your time is valuable, which is why we maximize every click, serving only the best campaigns with equally impressive payouts. Get paid by PayPal, Check, ACH Direct Deposit/Wire or Payoneer. All publishers start on a NET-15 payment schedule but can quickly move to NET-5 Weekly.


Our Mission and Vison

Our Mission is to unite solid business ethics and cutting edge technology. We do our best to be the bridge between the best products and the consumers who want them. Here at Clicks Addiction we have a different focus. Our industry is still in it’s’ infancy and we’re all still learning. Most of our publishers and advertisers have long term goals and they understand there will be bumps in the road. But if you are diligent and passionate about what you do success is guaranteed. The mobile side of the industry is really taking off, not just here in the US but internationally. Will you be one of the first to find a way to capitalize on that market? There are quite a few doubters that sound a lot like the guys that said Google was just another .com company that would fail. We envision an industry filled with creative people that are able to feed their families and live their dreams from the comfort of their own homes or relaxing on a beach. Weak minds always find an excuse, strength makes a way. If you believe; then it’s possible. Work for it.